New Business Model

We are adapting a new business model with respect to green coffee to offer our roasting partners free shipping within the Continental United States.  This will result in a net discount to you, when the cost of shipping is factored in.  We are doing this because you’re telling us you prefer to spend your time getting the correct coffee, applying the correct roasting profile, and serving your customers.  You don’t need to waste your time shopping for shipping.  We do that all day anyway, so now we’re doing that for you.

We made a round of inquiries today to the top green coffee suppliers in the United States, trying to help you to research which Brazilian you should buy and at what cost.  It’s tough to find a Single Estate Brazilian coffee because 95% of roasters who use Brazilian green beans are just as happy with a “regional” blend of a hundred different farms all mixed together.  You would never do this with fine wine, just pouring together all the wines from a region to make wine soup.  Every wine connoisseur will tell you that you’ve just destroyed a lot of very good wines.  Why would you do that with fine coffee to make sausage coffee?  This we do not understand.  Nevertheless, most suppliers do it and most roasters buy it because they don’t know what they’re actually buying, or because they are being told that Single Origin is the same as Single Estate, or because they just don’t care.

What we discovered encouraged us, that by selling directly from the farm to you, we are able to offer the additional magnitude of quality afforded by Single Estate coffee without any additional cost to the roaster.  Meaning, our Single Estate coffee costs the same or less than the lesser coffees offered by our competitors.  Feel free to fact check any fact in this light table, and then feel free to buy our better coffee, both as a stand-alone and as a non-intrusive base in your blends.

Five Brazilian Natural Arabicas sold in the USA Size 16+ on May 25, 2023:

SupplierLucatelliLa BodegaGenuine OriginRoyalICT
OriginFaz. Bom JesusFaz. Santa InesCerrado RegionalMogiana RegionalMogiana Regional
Single Estateyesyesnonono
Cupping Score 84+yesnononono
Natural Processyesyesyesmechanical dryeryes
Cost per pound/coffee only$3.60$4.73$3.61$2.71$2.59
Real Price$3.60$4.73$3.61$3.71$3.59

*Actual shipping varies drastically, depending on volume, distance, proximity to the warehouse, proximity to a metropolitan area, carrier, weight, time of year, etc.

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