Lucatelli Coffee is honored to have been chosen as the North American partner of Brazilian agriculture company Labareda Group. Labareda has been perfecting their specialty green coffees and World’s Best Coffee  since 1984 as a family business going back three generations.

Labareda’s flagship coffee, Bom Jesus, is an excellent specialty green coffee bean for roasters. With a consistent SCA Q-Graded cupping score of 84.75 points, this coffee can stand alone as a filter coffee or espresso. It can also serve as a fantastic, quality-boosting base for your own blend. It is the base of the Lucatelli line of Specialty Coffees. It is a world-class product, popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa and the United States through Lucatelli’s North American partnership with Labareda.

We chose Labareda because of their commitment to their community, because of the excellence and consistency of their world’s best coffee, and because of the sustainable, traceable business practices they employ. Fazenda Bom Jesus is a labor of love borne by the family, which includes the couple Gabriel and Flavia, along with their sons Lucas and Gabriel Junior.

Some facts about Bom Jesus Farm:

  1. ALTITUDE – 1,270 meters above sea level (4,167 feet)
  2. LOCATION – Cristais Paulista, Alta Mogiana. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  3. PROCESS – Natural process, sun dried, 30 days of resting period
  4. DEFECTS – 2/3
  5. SIZE – 16 up
  6. VARIETY – Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai
  7. PACKAGING – GrainPro & Jute, 30 Kilogram Bag (66 pounds)

The farm where Bom Jesus is grown has a long heritage in coffee culture. It is a founding member of Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association, which promotes a greater conscience with regard to speciality coffee in the region as well as developing better farm practices.

The objective of the owners is to sustainably develop their region socio-economically. Performance bonus payments are also made alongside employees’ fixed wages. All employees on the farm receive specialized literacy training. To learn more about this amazing family, farm, and company in Portuguese with English subtitles, click HERE.