Bom Jesus Farm Named Most Sustainable Coffee Farm in Brazil in Nationwide Search

Fazenda Bom Jesus has been awarded the most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil. The award took place this Friday, the 21st of July, in São Paulo, during the 7th Sustainable Farm Award, promoted by Globo Rural, Rabobank and ECO+. The award ceremony took place this morning in São Paulo. Bom Jesus ranked 1st in coffee production and 3rd overall.

For the award, the farms went through three evaluation phases. The first was the analysis of essential information that attests to sustainability, such as enrollment in the CAR (Rural Environmental Registry), employment status of employees and use of management techniques with low environmental impact.

In the second stage, those classified underwent a more detailed selection, which included, for example, controlling the exact amount of inputs used in each crop and the volume of feed offered to the animals. In addition to proof of investment in social practices, such as employee profile, training and inclusion. Next, there was an analysis of the financial situation of the farms.

In the last evaluation stage, technical visits are made to the classified farms. “Globo Rural’s partnership with Rabobank allowed analysts, specialists in sustainability and who work throughout the national territory, to go to the properties and prove that they are really sustainable farms”, points out Cassiano Ribeiro, executive editor of Globo Rural Magazine. “The classified farms are exemplary. Some maintain excellent socio-environmental projects that deserve to be perpetuated throughout the country”, he concluded.

Then, the reports generated from the technical visits are analyzed by a judging committee made up of professionals who are specialists in sustainable agribusiness and who have no connection with the organizers. This final evaluation indicates the big winners.

For the agroindustrial director of Café Labareda, Lucas Alves de Oliveira, the award was a recognition of all the effort and investment that Labareda has made over the years to produce one of the best coffees in Brazil, respecting the environment and valuing its employees. “Winning this award is a wonderful feeling. Employees are what move the wheel, they are the solution to our problems. I would like to thank my family, especially my mother, who started all of our sustainability social projects. It is an honor to see this work recognized”, he said, who was present at the award ceremony representing Labareda.

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