Cynthia Lucatelli

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The Lucatelli Story began more than 120 years ago when the family migrated from Italy to Brazil, the world’s leading coffee exporting nation. Co-Founder Cynthia Lucatelli is a native Brazilian living in America; Cynthia’s Mother Meire Lucatelli works from Sāo Paulo, Brazil; and Cynthia’s husband Steven works from Orlando, Florida. Together, we work to serve the coffee community, even as we relentlessly pursue the perfect cup of delicious, sustainable, high quality coffee.

The Lucatelli Family connects coffee-lovers with fantastic coffee, coordinating with farmers to ship directly. This results in fresher, better coffee, more money going to the grower, greater value for you, maximum transparency and traceability, and fewer links in the supply chain.


In the late 1800’s, it became clear with the abolition of slavery that every plantation owner in Brazil would have to learn to survive without the assistance of slaves. They turned to Europe, and specifically to countries where the native language was similar to Portuguese. What followed was the largest migration of Italians to Brazil in history. Between 1880 and 1900, almost one million Italian immigrants arrived in Brazil, hoping to find work. Among the hopeful job-seekers was Cynthia Lucatelli’s great-great-grandfather.

For the next thirty years, Brazil continued to emerge as the world’s premier coffee-producing nation. By the 1920’s, Brazil held a virtual monopoly, producing 80% of the world’s coffee.

João Lucatelli, 1928-2005

Immigration Certificate from Italy to Brazil

Cynthia Lucatelli and mother Meire Lucatelli, São Paulo, 2012

Cynthia Lucatelli, son Clifford, husband Steven, Orlando, 2023