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The Lucatelli Family migrated from Italy to Brazil in 1895 to work as coffee pickers.  Today, Lucatelli Co-Founder Cynthia Lucatelli devotes herself to her family and to her family business, along with her husband Steven in Orlando.  Cynthia’s mother Meire Lucatelli lives and works for the family business in Mooca, The Italian Quarter of Sāo Paulo, Brazil.  After 128 years, the coffee industry still plays a critical and central role in The Lucatelli Family and at The Lucatelli Company and serving various types of Specialty Coffee. The Lucatelli Family connects coffee-lovers with fantastic coffee, coordinating with farmers to ship directly. This results in fresher, better coffee, more money going to the grower, greater value for you, maximum transparency and traceability, and fewer links in the supply chain.

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Fazenda Bom Jesus in Alta Mogiana, Brazil is the primary source of the green and roasted coffees. The amazing Lancha Family has a long heritage in coffee culture going back generations. We are grateful to partner with them to ensure world-class quality, complete transparency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

Give the Gift of Coffee

Gift Box Set


If you or someone you love is ready to see what all the fuss is about with Pour Over Coffee Pots, we’ve curated a boxed set with three varieties of specialty coffee all ground specifically for a Pour Over and packed in a custom-made wooden reusable box.

Box Set Includes: 

  • CHEMEX-Style Pour Over Coffee Pot
  • Three Varieties Of Lucatelli Specialty Coffee
  • Handmade Reusable Pine Box With Metal Clasp
  • 100 Pour Over Coffee Filters
  • Clear Coffee Cup
  • Material:  Borosilicate Glass (heat resistant)
  • Volume: 13.5 ounces (400ml)
  • Temperature Range: -4F to -238F (-20C to -150C)
  • Size: 3.74 inches wide and 6.42 inches tall (9.5cm x 16.3cm)